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In this auto accident case, the insurance company had made no offer to our client prior to filing a lawsuit.  She was the back-seat passenger in a single vehicle crash when her friend lost control of his car and struck a lightpost and then a tree.  Our endured three major surgeries during the course of her recovery.  With the proceeds of the settlement, we were able to fund an annuity that will make payments to her every month for the rest of her life.

This case settled at mediation with the help of a retired Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge.

Among the injuries suffered by our client were 13 vertebral fractures, including a burst fracture at T3 and a compression fracture at T4; several fractured ribs; a fractured clavicle; bruised lungs; and lacerations to her face and scalp.

She had a rod implanted in her spine at the hospital in emergency surgery on the day of the crash.  Unfortunately, after she had attended physical therapy and made a nice recovery, two of the screws holding the rod in place broke and she had to undergo revision surgery.

At issue in this case was whether our client knew that the driver of her vehicle was drunk.  The two had been out with a group of friends that evening, but the Defendant in our case was to be the Designated Driver.  After the police arrived and performed field sobriety tests, his blood alcohol concentration was tested and it was revealed that his blood alcohol was about one and a half times the legal limit to drive in Virginia.

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