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Below is a sampling of the results that we have achieved for our clients in auto accident cases. Of course, each of these cases had their own unique set of facts that contributed to the result and none of these results should be taken as a guarantee of a future result in your case, no matter how similar the facts may seem.

We pride ourselves on being able to achieve the best results for our clients whether at trial, arbitration or mediation. As you know, past successes are not a guarantee of future results. No matter how similar the facts of your case may seem to the cases described here, we guarantee you that there is some fact (or set of facts) in your case that will result in a different outcome.

In January of 2017 a family of three was at a complete stop at a red light just outside of Fairfax Hospital when a drunk driver slammed into the back of their car.  The defendant had to be removed from his seat by EMTs, who were the first ones to arrive on the scene.  Incredibly, … Continue reading $97,000 Settlement For Family Struck by Drunk Driver

In this auto accident case, the insurance company had made no offer to our client prior to filing a lawsuit.  She was the back-seat passenger in a single vehicle crash when her friend lost control of his car and struck a lightpost and then a tree.  Our endured three major surgeries during the course of … Continue reading $1,000,000 Auto Accident Settlement

We represented the daughters of a retired school teacher who was tragically killed in a collision with a motorcycle in Warren County, Virginia. Following the crash, our client was airlifted to Fairfax Hospital where he passed several days later. We hired an investigator to determine the cause of the crash – at issue was whether … Continue reading $665,000 Mediated Settlement of a Motorcycle Crash

Attorney Brian Glass negotiated a $100,000 settlement on behalf of a client who was struck from behind by another driver while stopped at a light. Our client’s car was totalled and he was knocked into the driver in front of him. MRI’s revealed a herniation in his thoracic spine and he later underwent the surgical … Continue reading Policy Limits Settlement

This was a Fairfax, Virginia auto accident where our client was an emergency room nurse in her mid-40s who was stopped and waiting to make a left turn into her neighborhood when she was rear-ended by the Defendant. She sustained injury to her collarbone where the clavicular joint was widened slightly. Though this injury was … Continue reading $125,000 Settlement of Clavicle Injury

Plaintiff was driving in Fairfax when the Defendant suddenly pulled out from a parking lot, attempting to make a left turn across her lane of travel. Our client slammed into the side of the Defendant’s car, suffering neck and back pain, as well as headaches. She did not go immediately to the emergency room, but … Continue reading $100,000 Settlement for Driver Struck by Driver Exiting Fairfax Parking Lot

Defendant was returning home from a Redskins game on the Dulles Toll Road when he struck the rear of our clients’ vehicle at a high rate of speed. Our clients’ vehicle was propelled off the road and rolled over, totalling the car. When the Virginia State Police arrived at the scene, the Defendant was charged … Continue reading $140,000 for Husband & Wife Struck by Drunk Driver in Fairfax

In this Fairfax, Virginia auto accident, our client was T-Boned by a driver with such force that our client’s car left the roadway and slammed into a tree. He was immediately taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a fractured femur that required emergency surgery. During surgery, doctors discovered a pulmonary edema and our client … Continue reading $190,000 Settlement for T-Boned Client

The Defendant in this case failed to yield the right of way and pulled out directly in front of our client at approximately 3 in the morning. The resulting accident totalled both cars and our client was taken to the hospital with multiple fractured ribs, a fractured sternum, and a lacerated liver. After spending six … Continue reading $200,000 Settlement for Loudoun Car Crash Victim

Our client was struck head-on in Prince William County by a driver who was making a left turn across his lane of travel without yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic.  Immediately after the crash, the driver who caused the collission jumped out of his vehicle and ran away.  He was later apprehended by … Continue reading $225,000 Settlement for Prince William Hit & Run Victim

Our client was driving straight through a green light when a truck abruptly made a left turn, on red, directly in front of her in the intersection. The impact of the crash caused serious damage to both vehicles. Our client had undergone a fusion surgery in her neck approximately 8 years before the crash and … Continue reading $332,500 for Post-Neck Surgery Client in T-Bone Accident

Plaintiff is a 56 year old Korean woman who testified via interpreter. She was struck from behind by the defendant while stopped at a traffic light. There was little to no damage to the rear of her vehicle and defense counsel entered pictures of the bumper into evidence. However, our client suffered immediate pain to … Continue reading $400,000 Verdict in Minor Impact Fairfax Car Accident Case

We were able to negotiate a $98,000 settlement for our client who had been injured in an auto accident in the Fairfax Corner area when a driver ran a stop sign. Liability was hotly contested in this case as the driver and her friend (in the car behind her) both claimed that she had stopped … Continue reading $98,000 Settlement for Fairfax Car Crash Victim

Our client was participating in a 100 mile bicycling event when the driver of a van pulled out directly in front of him as he came around a blind corner. Our client lost control of his bicycle, was ejected from it, and ended up in a ditch on the side of the road with a … Continue reading Driver Pulls Out in Front of Bicyclist

Our clients were travelling westbound on the Dulles Toll Road in Fairfax County. The defendant was travelling eastbound, but he was in the westbound lanes. After striking our clients’ vehicle head-on, the defendant kicked out the front windshield of his truck and ran through the woods into a nearby neighborhood. His shoe was stuck in … Continue reading Policy Limits Settlement for Couple Struck by Wrong Way Drunk Driver

We were able to obtain a policy limits settlement for a Fairfax County Police Officer who was struck by a drunk driver while on duty. The officer suffered from soft tissue injuries and was treated by doctors for approximately six weeks before he was able to return to duty. His medical bills were about $1,600. … Continue reading Policy Limits Settlement for Fairfax County Police Officer

Our client sustained a broken femur in a head-on collision with a vehicle which had crossed the double-yellow line.  We were able to resolve his case for the other driver’s policy limits plus a contribution of $65,000 from our client’s underinsured motorist carrier.

We achieved a $200,000 settlement in a case where our client had been struck by a drunk driver while she was a passenger in the City of Virginia Beach.  The Defendant’s blood alcohol concentration was not high enough to allow us to pursue punitive damages.  Our client sustained injury to her lower back and endured … Continue reading Settlement of Virginia Beach Drunk Driving Crash

On May 1, 2006, the plaintiff was operating a Roll-Off truck and entered Lorton landfill to dispose of the load of construction debris in his truck. Upon entering the landfill, he was directed by a Lorton employee to a specific location to park and unload his waste. At the same time that the Plaintiff was … Continue reading Tractor in Landfill Overturns and Crushes Plaintiff

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