Answer: In the District of Columbia, you have three years from the date of your injuries (the day of the motorcycle crash) to either file a lawsuit for injuries sustained or to settle your case. If you fail to do either within the required time period, you will never recover a penny for your injuries. … Continue reading What is the statute of limitations for a motorcycle accident case in D.C.?

Answer: No. This is actually a very foolish idea. Maybe you got up after being hit and you’re feeling a little rattled, but you don’t think anything’s broken… and you’ve always been a “fast healer,” so you’re happy to just accept a couple hundred in cash from the other driver in exchange for not making … Continue reading Is it safe to settle with the other driver at the scene of a Virginia motorcycle accident?

Answer: Probably not. Motorcycle helmets are designed for use in one crash and one crash only. But they can generally withstand the force of the impact of a short drop to the floor, especially if they are certified by the Snell Foundation or by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The real damage is done to … Continue reading I dropped my motorcycle helmet on concrete. Do I need to buy another one?

Answer: The Snell Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to improving the effectiveness of auto racing helmets, recommends that, in the absence of any crashes, you change your helmet every five years. This is because the materials inside the helmet, like glues and resins, tend to degrade over time in a way that affects the liner … Continue reading How often should I replace my motorcycle helmet?

Answer: In Maryland, you have three years from the date of your injury to either settle your motorcycle accident case or file a lawsuit. If you do not do one of these two things within the three year statute of limitations, your claim will expire. A lawsuit filed even a day after the statute of … Continue reading How long do I have after a motorcycle accident in Maryland to file a personal injury claim?

Answer: Yes. In Virginia there is a two year statute of limitations for personal injury actions. This means that your case must either be settled by two years from the date of your injury or you must have filed a lawsuit. If you were injured in a Virginia motorcycle accident, it is important to contact … Continue reading Are there any time limits for filing an insurance claim after a motorcycle accident in Virginia?

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