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We Limit Our Personal Injury Practice to the Following Areas

Our firm has the luxury of being able to limit our practice to Plaintiff’s personal injury work. We never represent corporations or insurance companies – only injured people. This allows us to be extremely familiar with the types of issues that are presented in personal injury cases – allegations of pre-existing injury, contributory negligence and problems of permanent injuries. It also allows us to spend less time re-inventing the wheel and researching the issues that come in in every case and more time focusing on the little things in your case that will have a big impact in the courtroom.

Auto Accidents

It is almost impossible to drive around Fairfax County and not see the aftermath of car crash these days. Too many of our drivers are texting, on the phone, or running late for a meeting. These drivers are putting your health at risk. To top it off, their insurance companies often want to blame you for choosing the “wrong doctor,” waiting too long to get treatment, or treating for too long.

Children's Injuries

An injury to your son or daughter can be particularly distressing. There are many special considerations that need to be applied to the evaluation of children’s injuries, including permanency, scarring, and emotional distress. David Marks and Brian Glass are both routinely appointed by Courts in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Prince William to serve as Guardians ad litem for the purposes of evaluating personal injury settlements for children.

Dog Bite Injuries

Virginia dog bite law is very strict and the deck is often stacked in favor of the dog owner. For instance, if you live in an area that does not have a law requiring that the dog be kept on a leash, you will typically have to show that the dog’s owner knew he had bitten someone before in order to recover any money.

Motorcycle Crashes

Bikers who are hit by cars or trucks are at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with insurance companies. More often than not, the insurance company will argue that the motorcyclist was the one in the wrong. Insurance adjusters know that jurors in northern Virginia will assume, from being passed on the highway by a speeding biker, that you were speeding and swerving in and out of traffic to.

Wrongful Death

It can be an incredibly trying time when you lose a loved one – be it a parent, child, sibling or spouse. You might be wondering where to turn for help when the insurance company comes calling. Or the insurance company might be avoiding your phone calls. We can help you sort out who is responsible and help to hold them accountable for your loss.

Korean Accident Attorneys

The staff at Marks & Glass is fluent in both Korean and English and experienced in helping multi-lingual clients and their families understand the process following a personal injury or auto accident in Virginia.

Medical Malpractice

In today’s political climate, terms like “defensive medicine” and “tort reform” have become commonplace. We know that for every frivilous case that the insurance companies hold up as evidence of the need for reform, there are scores of cases where a patient was injured by the negligence of a doctor or nurse.

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